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What Makes our Nannies Super-Nannies?

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

It is not easy for parents to leave their kids under the care of someone else. Naturally, they are used to always being the ones in charge, and separation can be hard for them. But it is also very necessary, for toddlers and children need to learn how to be independent of their parental figures. Moreover, adults also need some alone time from time to time. The question is who do we leave our babies with? That’s where a nanny comes in.

Being a nanny does not only imply watching the kids and making sure they stay out of trouble. It is so much more. In Buenos Aires Babysitting, our nannies take over the security, the entertainment, the education and the communication. That is why they are not just nannies, but Super-Nannies.

1. Safety

Our nannies are highly aware that children can be curious beings, and that it is that same curiosity what could potentially result in recklessness. Wherever they go, the nanny follows, and vice versa. If they need something, say a snack from the refrigerator, the nanny will get it. If they need help with a craft project, the nanny will be there to offer assistance and make sure they stay away from any sharp objects. You can trust that the person you hire, will never leave your little ones out of sight.

2. No-screen entertainment

The key principle of Buenos Aires Babysitting is that we encourage time away from electronic devices. While some other caretakers often recur to having the kids watch a show on TV or a movie, or either let them play with their iPads, our nannies always provide different ways of entertainment. Our nannies not only will play with your kids, but also, each of them is skilled in different areas, such as crafts making, yoga, music, and more. That way you can select the one who will align with your kid’s interest better and make sure your little ones have a fun time!

3. Respect and boundaries

Our nannies respect others' personal boundaries. If there is anything the child does not feel comfortable doing or sharing, rest assured that our sitters will respect that. It is important for us that kids have a voice and it should not be ignored. Something as simple as giving a hug or a kiss on the cheek has to be consensual. Similarly, the nanny will also be upfront about her personal boundaries so as to ensure a peaceful relationship with the child.

4. Empathy

Being from a younger generation, the nannies at Buenos Aires Babysitting are open-minded, understanding, and gentle about someone else´s feelings, especially kids´. They can help children express their feelings, and ensure that the little ones are also comprehensive of the emotions of others so as to make a peaceful environment. For instance, there are two siblings fighting over a toy; the nanny will open the communication channel by asking them what is the problem and to express, in whatever way they can, how the situation makes them feel, and once the kids have answered, the nanny will offer a solution that will make both children happy, such as asking them to take turns or ditching the toy that is causing the conflict and introduce a new activity that both siblings can engage on at the same time.

5. Follow instructions

If your kids have a routine or there are specific things they are not allowed to do, rest assured our team will follow them, for it is important for us not to go against parents' certain way of raising their children. Moreover, our nannies do this so as to emphasize the fact that even though their parents are away, rules are still to be followed.

6. Bilingualism

One of the key factors that make Buenos Aires Babysitting unique is that all members of our staff speak at least two languages, English and Spanish, which is also highly beneficial for kids since the nanny not only will be able to communicate with them, but also can teach them a second language. If you’re interested in reading further about how bilingualism can be beneficial for children’s development, check out the article Bilingual Children: How To Introduce a Second Language on our blog! (link) Our nannies will also provide school support and help with homework if it is needed.

7. Communication with parents

Whenever you hire a nanny at Buenos Aires Babysitting, a group chat will be created with a member of the agency, one or both parents and the sitter so as to have a means of reporting whatever has been going on during the time they are away and asking questions if necessary. If the nanny is asked to take the kids to the park, for instance, she will share the location through this group. Nannies can also send pictures or videos to the parents as a way of sharing the experience with them, if they ask them to.

Now that you know how skilled and fabulous the nannies at Buenos Aires Babysitting are, next time you’re traveling to Buenos Aires with the whole family and want to see the city but not leave the kids alone, you can trust that our team will have your back and ensure that your little ones are safe but also have a great time!

Let us know in the comments below which of these traits are important to you when looking for a nanny. What others do you think are necessary or would be appreciated?

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